• FIFA 19 Official Game is Coming soon with a DEMO

    Year after year, EA Sports developers are in need of creativity to label their innovations in gameplay. After the "Real Player Motion Technology" in the previous year, the gaming experience should come even closer to real football at FIFA 19.

    FIFA 19 Official Game is Coming soon with a DEMO

    Active Touch System


    The Active Touch system is probably the most exciting new gameplay game at FIFA 19. First ball contacts, feints, ball control and dribbling have been revised and provide even more realism. Players can now use their heads, chest, knees and of course feet tricks to outsmart the opponent. FIFA also has 19 skill-based animations like the Neymar Trap. As you can see in the official trailer, there are no limits to your creativity.



    The Active Touch system in particular is raising the anticipation of FIFA 19. Along with the new modes, EA Sports seems to be responding to community criticism and bringing out a reworked game. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how the gameplay has actually been implemented and whether FIFA 19 ultimate team hack can set itself apart from its predecessor as FIFA 19 did it over the last decade. Because it is clear: Great videos before the release are not enough, what is happening on the square is crucial.

    "The new Active Touch system changes the ball acceptance and the ball touches fundamentally," EA announced already. The developers promise a closer ball control, greater game flow and more creativity. Specifically, there should be the ability to perform hidden balloon assumptions, flickup volleys, and skill-specific animations such as Neymar's Trap.

    Dynamic tactics promise even more variation in strategy using additional d-pad options. Even before the game, there should be more customization options in terms of tactics.

    The newly introduced 50/50 Battles sound exciting : In the fight for the open ball, the player's ability to react and the abilities of the selected player are to decide who will win the ball.

    Thanks to a revision of the Real Player Motion Technology EA also prophesies more player personality with person-specific movements. FIFA 19 should be even more realistic, which should be recognizable by the tactical shielding movements, reactions after clashes and duels.

    Versions and prices

    The standard version costs € 69.99 for the PS4 and the Xbox One. PC and Nintendo Switch users pay 59.99 euros. The Champions edition costs 20 euros more for all platforms, ie 89.99 euros or 79.99 euros. For another ten euros more there is the Ultimate Edition. A slimmed down version is available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 for 59.99 euros.

    More information about the individual editions and the prices can be found here.

    50/50 battles


    Also the duel behavior has been undertaken by EA Sports. The responsiveness of the user as well as the player attributes decide how the fight for the ball proceeds. In addition, the players on the virtual turf show more instinct and more fighting spirit to conquer lost balls or at least to disturb the opponent and still touch the ball.

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